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Grand Signature Tournament II - Round 2 [RESULTS]


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This is Round 2 of the Grand Signature Tournament II on PSNProfiles. POST YOUR VOTES! Advertising for voting will only happen if votes for a Round are under 25 or there is a tie in a Matchup.


Round 2 Voting Deadline: February 5th

Theme: Set Render



Voting Rules:



Matchup I:

Tidus (Floriiss) - 6/25 votes (24.0%)



WINNER! - Noctis (Ramonachan) - 19/25 votes (76.0%)



Matchup J:

Wakka (Raitandrul) - 8/25 votes (32.0%)



WINNER! - Tifa (DEMON) - 17/25 votes (68.0%)



Matchup K:

WINNER! - Cloud (TensaiKatana) - 16/25 votes (64.0%)



Auron (Zone Hunter) - 9/25 votes (36.0%)



Matchup L:

WINNER! - Vincent (cmgravekeeper) - 14/25 votes (56.0%)



Yuna (Izularia) - 11/25 votes (44.0%)



Renders Used:

Matchup I


Matchup J


Matchup K


Matchup L:



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Lot of good entries this round.  I'm impressed!


Matchup I:


This render looked like a tough one to work with, mainly because of the art style.. it kind of amateur tbh.


Uh.. Tidus, this is a bit disappointing from you since your Round 1 entry was pretty good and error-less.  It basically just looks like you have stuck your render onto a background and added some blurring around the edges.  I think you need to step it up a little and use more C4Ds in your work, as your work is really simple and simple isn't good enough to win these kind of things.  And maybe use adjustments like Curves, Color Balance, Brightness/Contrast, Photo Filter etc, I honestly see no difference in the original render's color to your version, it just gives it that finishing touch in a way and is something that is mandatory to me in all of my signatures.  I also see no lighting in the signature at all.  The only thing on point here with this signature is the text.


For the render used, this is a really good signature Noctis.  You made an amateur style of art look much better than what it originally was by messing around with adjustments.  I also like you dealt with the problems such as the silly wristband and the skateboard.  The colors used are a good match and since there seems to be a lot more effort went into your background than your opponents.  I also like the text work, it kind of reminds me of Jet Set Radio for some weird reason.


My vote goes to Noctis.


Matchup J:


This render looked difficult to work with because of the gun, it looks huge and that would take up a lot of space that could be used in a signature.


Wakka, this signature is decent but there is a good few errors.  First of all, the random lightning bolt, why is there only one? Second, I see you tried blurring the C4D a bit but some of the edges still look very sharp, you have blurred it so much that these edges that are still sharp stand out a little too much.  The render seems very dark too, there's no lighting in this signature.  As for the text, it's okay, but it could have been better if you had also blurred it so it would have suited the blurred text that was already on the render.


Tifa, again this is someone who knows what they are doing with "problem" renders, getting rid of most of the gun by simply rotating the render.  I really do like all of the color blending that went on in this signature and the text definitely does edge it out over Wakka's.  They seemed to take an unique shot at working with this render, they did very light colors etc which most probably wouldn't associate with the render and it came out okay.


My vote goes to Tifa.


Matchup K:


Another hard to work with render from the looks of things.  Just going by how her costume and hair seems to be everywhere.  I like both signatures in this matchup so it's going to be hard to decide.


Cloud, your signature compared to the last one is really good.  There isn't many errors to mention, all of the colors suit and I like the blur you have added.  Text work is a bit average but can't exactly complain, it is on point.


Auron, this is a huge improvement over last time.  The colors and effects are really good, all of them besides the upper left corner.  I don't know what you were doing there but it kind of makes my decision a bit easier on who I would be voting for this round.  I like the text, but now when I look more closely, I don't like the lens flare you have done below it, I think it might have been better without that.


My vote goes to Cloud.


Matchup L:


This render looked like it was possibly the hardest to deal with out of the lot, but there was two very good signatures came out of it. :D


Vincent, there isn't really a single error here.  And is definitely a lot better than your last entry which I stated was below your average.  I would consider this the best signature you have done ever.  The lighting is pretty awesome in this signature.  Only thing I don't really like is the text, it's mainly the fonts, nothing to do with the placement (that's on point) and down to personal preferences though.  If you could keep this quality up for the rest of the tournament, I'll say we're looking at a finalist.


Yuna, this is a nice signature.  But the green orbs really do take my attention away from the focal point.  There has been no blending done with the blue and the green, the transition just happens.  In my opinion, I think a Purple or Pink would have worked much better than the green you choose.  The character themselves looks a bit over saturated.  Not much lighting has been done.  I like the text though.  That is on point and isn't overdone like the last time.


My vote goes to Vincent.

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You can really see peoples different art styles by giving them the same render, have to admit I wasn't sure how this would go! But it's extremely interesting!

Great looking images everyone!!

I Noctis

J Tifa

K Cloud (I wish I saw a bigger difference of contrast in Aurons :( )

L Vincent

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