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Isn't there a Season Pass? :/


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Hey, Im going to start this game pretty soon, just finishing Uncharted 3. Looking through the trophies they seem pretty straight forward, like Asylum. However this game has DLC and Im intrested in buying all of them, but couldn't find a Season Pass, does this game not have one?
Its fine if it hasn't, but it would be a bummer seeing as I've used the catwoman code on another account..... :(

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If you want all the DLC I also would recommend the GOTY edition: important points of note is that all DLC is on-disc and no activation codes are required, so you could even buy a used copy.

On the other hand the Nightwing and Robin DLCs are nothing but a challenge grind for trophies, which leaves the Catwoman DLC (expensive on PSN unless you buy/have bought the Digital version, and hard to find these days with physical), Harley Quinn story DLC, and a bunch of visual-only costumes.

You could buy the HQ DLC on its own off PSN quite cheaply if story content was all you're looking for. Maybe you already have the Catwoman DLC, I'm guessing you have the game already. If you have the digital version and are considering the GOTY version it might be worth checking if the saves are compatible, I'm sure the information is out there somewhere.

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