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Hey guys, I made this account a month ago, but I can't believe I forgot to make an introduction thread when I first started this account. Anyways, here goes, I've known about PSNProfiles for quite a while and have used it as my main source of trophy data-keeping for a few years now. 


I mainly play FPS (i.e. Star Wars Battlefront, Battlefield series) and RPGs (i.e. Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy).

I like anime (my favourite anime being Angel Beats), manga and vocaloid (i.e. Hatsune Miku).

My most interesting hobby is probably the fact that I do play around with Photoshop CS6 to make GFXs. I even have a gallery on a separate site where I fill out requests (although, i'm thinking of discontinuing my gallery there and moving here instead).


Anyways, thanks for taking the time to read this :D .  

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