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Questions about the guide and difficulties.


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So my first play through I beat the game on hard, unlocking Wesker mode and Leech mode. My question is, does that make Wesker mode and Leech mode hard as well? For Wesker mode I don't need to load my Clear save, but it's there, and does not give me a difficulty option. I can only assume its on hard, but if I beat the game on easy and or normal will it replace the hard version with the easy version? I really don't want to play those on hard.


My question about the guide specifically is, why does it suggest starting on Normal or Hard rather than Easy?

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Welcome to the forums.


If your question relates to a specific guide, you may want to leave it on that guide's comments section. That way, the guide author will be notified (assuming he has left his notification settings on the default). 


There is a chance that the writer may not see this thread.


Here's a link to the comments section for that guide. 

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Welcome mate, since threads like this tend to get closed, I'll answer just so you can play the game as you like, don't forget to leave your comments there too.

Everything that unlocks after you finish a difficult level, weapons, special weapons and modes are for that difficult level, leach mode will be hard as well and you must unlock all weapons on the same save file, so if you want all on normal mode ( special only unlocks normal up) you must finish the game on normal. Easy doesn't get rated and no special weapons will be unlocked

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i think i answered this already but i will answer here as well. The difficulty you beat the game on determines the difficulty of all the extra modes.


Hard Clear save = Hard Wesker mode & Hard Leech Hunter


Normal Clear save = Normal Wesker mode & Normal Leech Hunter


Easy Clear save = Easy Wesker mode & Easy Leech Hunter (cannot unlock IRL or SMG)

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