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When is the DLC finished for AK?


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Hey, so in a little while Im going to play Arkham Knight and Im super stoked, I've decided to buy the Season Pass when Im starting it to get all the DLC trophies, however I saw that another DLC trophy package came up on the site this week. 
When will the DLC end, I don't want to finish the game and having to boot it up every second week to play something new as I have other games I want to play and not a lot of space on my PS4. Is the DLC finished but they're releasing other content as patches or something, because I thought I heard that the December DLC was the last..

Thank you!

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I heard that this game will be the last Arkham game. So i'm guessing they're going to continue to release a few more dlcs for about another year so people have more stuff to do in this game.

Yes they said it is the last Arkham game from Rocksteady. It is such a popular series im sure WB are working on another as we speak. They'd be foolish not to

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They're almost definitely be more Batman games just not necessarily under the Batman Arkham title, though they just as equally could hand it over to another studio like they did for Origins. I know Telltale has already signed on to do a Batman game, given their visual style I can't imagine they'd brand it an Arkham game but who knows when it comes to publishers and money grabbing these days.

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