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TIPS for the two hardest trophies: Unstoppable and Easy Peasy

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1. Decide on who you want to be hard mode with. 

2. Beat the game on normal mode with THAT character.

3. Start your hard mode run. 

4. Make sure you like the weapon in the first dungeon. Quit game so it saves. 

5. Back up game in Plus Data or external memory. 

6. Just save and back up the game between levels (assuming you don't get hit too much and your weapons are great).


Easy Peasy:

1. Use Kraz with the super wand. Chances are you won't have a great weapon. 

2. Snipe when possible. Stay mobile by strafing and jumping. 

3. Avoid extra rooms. You can peek in before stepping inside. There is a chance the key is next to the boss room. In which case, save and back up your data. 

4. It's easiest to beat the blob boss. Keep your distance, strafe around him, and keep jumping while getting between his bullets. 

5. This one is harder than Unstoppable IMO. Just be patient. IT REALLY IS HARD NOT TO GET HIT. 


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For Easy Peasy, on my first run with Kraz, I got through two normal minion rooms and noticed I didn't get hit. At that point I just figured I'd try for the trophy. I got the boss Gunkarr the Crusher... And it was extremely easy. When the battle starts, just shoot him until he gets a little bit closer, then sprint around the edge of the room until you hear him jump and land. Then you jump a split second after that to avoid the shock (if it's even near you), turn around, and shoot him until he gets closer again. Just repeat that until he's dead.

He summons Banshees at one point, but he runs away and takes a couple seconds to do it, so you can really get his health down this way. And the Banshees are really easy to avoid if they get summoned, since their attack is very inaccurate (they will most likely hit walls between you and them anyway) and they will be too far away with all the sprinting you do.

Using this method, I can fight this boss without getting hit (at least on easy and medium difficulty. Haven't tried hard yet).

* And by close, I mean leave a little bit of distance or else he does a different melee attack which will hit you. It should be easy to get a feel for it after experimenting. Same with the timing of the jump attack.


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