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question about the 'Fully Loaded' and 'Sampler Platter' trophies


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for the fully loaded trophy, can these apply to DLC weapons or must they be originals? for example i got a DLC force gun for free, not the original one you pay for. if i fully upgrade this would this count as 1 of the 4 weapons to upgrade fully for the trophy?


similarly for the sampler platter. if i use a DLC force gun that you get for free and score a kill using it, would this count to the list of weapons for the sampler platter? is sampler platter more concerned with type than token?



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for sampler platter, i could have sworn i've used all weapon types but the trophy hasnt unlocked...though the majority of the weapons are DLC and not originals you pay a price for at the in-game store. i thought DLC weapons count towards this trophy? must i also use melee, rivet, and handcannon too?

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Feel free to wait until sometime later in your playthrough, make a save, then sell everything you own and buy the weapons you haven't been using. Get a kill with each gun, run back to a store, sell them, buy the new weapons, and get a kill with each of them. After the trophy pops, reload your save. You get to keep the trophy but have all of your stuff back. I did this in Chapter 11 in the big room with the ramp, elevator, and all the stasis pods. There's a store in the room immediately before it, but lots of enemies immediately afterwards, so it's really easy to get it there.


You can use the same concept to get Fully Loaded and Fully Outfitted (and literally every weapon trophy). I didn't give a hoot about having any Air upgrades, so I saved, sold all my junk, stuffed some nodes into my RIG and filled out stasis, then the trophy popped. I respec'd them to get the nodes back then stuffed all those nodes into my weapons and boom, both trophies. Reload last save and I have everything back.

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