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All super tricks glitched?


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I'm stuck at 93% with this badge, I did all these moves while in TRICKY mode:


During grind:

L2 +


  • :triangle:
  • :square:
  • :circle:
  • :circle: :circle:
  • :square: :square:
  • :triangle: :triangle:

while in air:


R2 (optional I suppose) +


  • down
  • right
  • right > up
  • right > down
  • right > left
  • left
  • left > up
  • left > down
  • left > right
  • up
  • up > right
  • up >left


I  did them a lot of times but I'm always at 93%, is this glitched?


EDIT: finally after hours it unlocked, I kept doing grind tricks & air tricks with & without L2/R2 untill it unlocked.

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