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Survival Mode Tips?

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I know you said you already tried it but the move that got me to Tekken God was Alisa's kick. Slowly move away from the opponent (Still hold the left analog stick away) and kick as he/she approaches. Personally I suck at this game but that move helped me a heap and hope it helps you as well :)

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I used Asuka. Her spinning sweep has multiple options to follow up with. Can't remember move names but a few minutes in practice should suffice.


Alisa or Jack.

I also remember this being a huge pain.


I think I used Jack to unlock it. It still took a few tries, but I earned it in the end. Patience is key!



Can you remember the combos you used? 

Thanks everyone!

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I can't remember exactly who I did it with, but pretty sure it was with Kazuya. The second person was either, Heihachi, Bryan, Xiaoyu or Wang. They all got quick, easy to pull of cheap tricks. :P


But yeah, Jack is probably good for this too!

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Honestly I don't remember having any trouble with this platinum...I would suggest you to learn how to play properly, maybe the lab can help you with that. You need to finish everything in the lab anyway for  :gold: Super Combot DX Complete.

I used to play King and Devil Jin. I love this guy.


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