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The Following Ending just as frustrating as End of main game


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Ugh. Just got to the end of The Following and find it just as frustrating as the ending of the original game. Not that I mind a long car chase with a time limit, but it is too easy to fail at the end and then have to do everything over again. Died one time at the end because I was rushing and one gunman shot me dead quicker than I could drop down and heal. Died twice due to what looks to be a planned explosion near a ramp over a railroad car. Last time I died was trying to jump onto a pipe and barely missed it falling completely to my doom. Didn't they learn from the original game ending that every player I talked to complained about hating so much.


I thoroughly enjoyed Dying Light originally and then got to the ending and about threw my controller out the window. Playing The Following has been enjoyable as well and now to get to the ending and being frustrated again by basically the same type of issues is disappointing at best.

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