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[obligatory "I'm new here" statement]


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Hey guys, Thomas Fyrehart here. Relatively new to this site, but it seems cool. Definitely a good off-console way to keep track of things.


I don't seem to really interact on forums too much these days so forgive me if I just post here occasionally then disappear for a while, but yeah. Might happen. lol. I guess as some trivia, I've only really recently gotten more serious about trophy hunting. Though there are certain games I'm content with not having all the trophies for.


My favourite game franchise, if I had to pick, would probably be Tekken. On a related note (as you may notice if you browse what trophies I have got so far), my only platinum trophy so far is Tekken Tag 2.....which I also have for the Xbox 360.....and oddly I don't have all the achievements for it. lol. Close though.


One last factoid before I shut up and stop rambling. I despise online/DLC based trophies. Mainly because Australian internet is crap unless you have the NBN (National Broadband Network). Though DLC wise it's more just because you have to pay extra to be able to get them.....and also because I WAS AT 95% NETHERREALM! NOW I'M AT 80%! WHAT THE HELL?!


*Ahem* Anyway I'll leave it at that. lol. Looking forward to interacting with people on here.

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Haha Hi there mate!


It's nice to have you here, I joined not too long ago myself (joined in December of 2015 but haven't really become active until recently)


It's a super great community so far, everyone is respectful and helpful, I hope you enjoy your stay here and I'm sorry to hear about your sad Tekken percentage predicament.


Have a great time on PSNProfiles.com though!  :lol:

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