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Grinding made easier


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Most of you are already aware of the fact that the amount of players on screen directly affects the amount of enemies spawned.


For those of you who only have 1 PS4 controller, but also own a PS Vita, like me, you're in luck.

The Vita can be used as a second controller, which makes the grinding process a lot quicker!


To use the Vita as a second controller, you need to do the following:


1. Have your PS4 turned on, but your PS4 controller turned off.

2. Use remote play via Vita (main account) and start Gauntlet.

3. Turn your PS4 controller on and log in to a secondary account (create one if necessary).



I made serious progress after finding out about this, compared to when I played solo.


And of course, if you have more than 1 PS4 controller, you should use it / them.


Hope this helps some people out.

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i haven't tried the method but a few objectives of the platinum require to take out X of an enemy in certain area.


it is awful painful because of the rate (endless doesn't help either because some mobs do not spawn as frequently).

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On 3/12/2016 at 6:38 AM, MilanYildirim said:

I'm thinkin to start this game soon , may I ask how having a 2nd controller makes grinding easier?

I am also just getting started. If you ever want to play just let me know! i still need about 90% of the trophies.

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All I need for the plat is the 15,000 orc kill trophy now.


I've checked every day for the past 10 days and there still hasn't been an orc day on the daily arena mode!


Seems that the odds of these spawning are slim to none.  Hope it does happen one day soon I really don't wanna have to grind out remaining 10k kills on the only slow 2 levels......

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