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Trophy Level Milestone

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I want this feature to come up on PSNProfiles, whereby the users are allowed to view their recent Trophy Level Milestones i.e. "Leveled Up" Trophies.


For example:


S5893a6.png-  profile-bar-level.png 71S49074f.png Platinum


But they must all be in order from Level 1 until present, either it's a Bronze, Silver, Gold or even Platinum.


I wish Sly-Ripper would add this in this site.

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It's already a feature in the trophy log man, but you have to go through the list and find them.


If you wanted them on the side of your profile for each level up, that would be a bit ill-advised for the hardcore hunters. Hell, I'm only a level 32, if I was a level 70 or something, and I had 70 odd "level up" things on my page, in addition to the 10 or so already there, it would be a waste of space for me personally.


Having the option be sortable or something in the trophy log would be cool though.


But the ones we have now, those milestones are pretty fine. I'd throw leet right out the fucking window because I don't care about that one, but otherwise it's pretty cool.

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