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"Skill Kill" Trophy - Your Tactics?

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So. I've been playing this game for about 30 or so hours now, and I've always been playing with my friends, meaning I've always been support for our group.

But now that I'm aiming for the Skill Kill trophy, at level 25. I'm finding it hard to easily kill enemies with certain skills.


Does anyone have a certain skill or tactic they used in encounters, side missions, dark zone, so on so forth? without being cheap in terms of fighting much lower levels

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I did it while going for the collectible trophies.  Use the turret and the mine with the split modification that makes it split and track multiple targets.  I just put 2-3 shots into the entire group of enemies, and used both the turret and mine.  By the time I cleared 3-4 zones of collectible items I had the trophy.  I never used any damage dealing skills prior to that, always the ping and heal station.

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While I went for the encounters and side missions I'd always use a turret on nearby enemies, would hit them until they had 30% or so, then focus on the other enemies while the ones at 30%- would burn alive. Got the trophy in about 3 hours. It's not that hard really.

So I second using the fire turret.

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