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Game of Thrones S6 Discussion and Trailer


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Naturally, spoilers for all of Game of Thrones Season 1-5 below, and potentially accurate speculation!


Didn't find a thread through the search function, which is surprising considering Season 6 premieres in pretty much a month today. Are there any GoT fans here? This was going to be a penultimate season before they added a Season 8, but it still looks like this season is massive. Lots of things happening that we can see from the end of S5, and the S6 trailer:




Some key points from the trailer:


- 0:22 - Melisandre doubting herself after Stannis' defeat against the Boltons "All of it was a lie", or was it?


- 0:34 - Daenerys isn't getting any special treatment with the Dothraki, she doesn't appear again in the trailer. Does she have a smaller role this season, or is the trailer purposefully not making any big reveals?


- 0:42 - The High Sparrow, pretty much the ruler of Kings Landing after holding many key family members in prison during S5.


- 0:56 - Zombie Mountain was teased last season, but the trailer makes it out like he's about to wreck Lancel Lannister here.


- 1:00 - Thorne and the Night's Watch taking down a door, but why?


- 1:09 - Euron Greyjoy, Theon's uncle, being baptised. Interesting to see what role the Greyjoy family holds in Season 6. 


- 1:13 - Arya doing parkour? 


-1:16 - Now this is cool. Ned Stark flashback, where he's fighting a Targaryen kingsguard. Rumour has it this will take place shortly after Roberts rebellion, where Ned rides to rescue his sister Lyanna at the Tower of Joy. If we want to dig deeper at this flashbacks relevance, we may also discover that Rheagar Targaryen didn't kidnap Lyanna in the first place (Which was hinted at a few times in S5, when everytime Rheagar was brought up he was described as a total bro), and that Ned will discover baby Jon Snow, where he'll take him as one of his own from that point. Interesting if true, since he sacrifices his honour (his defining characteristic) to take Jon under his wing. 


-1:17 - This cropped up a few times, but this is the best angle of it in the trailer. North VS. Boltons could be Season 6's 'Episode 9'. It looks like a combination of wildlings and Northern families together, and is that.. Jon Snow?


- 1:19 - It seems the Tyrell family have finally decided to do something about their two heirs being locked up, by sending an army to kings landing. Atleast I'm pretty sure they're Tyrell soldiers. 


- 1:22 - Bran meeting the Nights King. In a dream? He is walking after all, this could be how the flashback of Ned Stark is introduced, through one of Bran's dreams. Furthermore, Bran looks surprised, could the Nights King be hijacking his dream? 


- 1:30 - Is this the other side of the door seen at 1:00? Jon Snow is seen lying with some presumably loyal Nights Watch brothers, resurrection scene inbound?


Discuss, are you hyped for Season 6?

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