Could we at least vote on it?

By AlphaTrash in Site help, issues & feedback,
I'm sure we've all seen the absurd fastest times on ps4 games.  Some by accident and some by deleting your trophy data for a false time.    Examples.    A glitched fastest time: The two users there got the fastest time by downloading infamous while at the same time auto popping sound shapes?  The process somehow glitched out and auto popped Infamous.  I may have a few details wrong but they're irrelevant. all that matters is, they didn't cheat for the fastest time; it was an accident.    Deleting trophies for the fastest time: He's gotten an impossible time of 9 hours, by deleting unsynced trophies.  For example it's possible to get level 100 as your first trophy and level 10 as your last by deleting unsynced trophy data. Level 100 should take you roughly 18 hours if you factor in boosting and that's being generous with the time.  However if you get 1xp away from level 100, upload your save to the cloud and remove your account from the ps4 and thus deleting your unsynced trophy data, you can make the level 100 trophy your first trophy and delete 18 hours off of your fastest time.  It's legit lying at the moment. You can lie about your fastest time and the lie is accepted as truth. You still have put in the work and the time! But you get to lie about the time after the fact.    Personally I don't like misinformation being spread and I've seen a couple people believe that you can 100% injustice in 9 hours.  That's not even close to possible.   So, it's a "legit" method when it comes to the fastest time. Although it's not a legit time at all.    So we've established it's legit and not cheating per se. It's just faking your time.   So no ones getting banned for this and rightfully so. I'm not asking for anyone to be banned or labelled a cheater as it's only the fastest time and it's not massively important in the grand scheme of things.    However, it would be great if you could at least hide the times?  They can keep the game on their profile and it will still say "completed in 3 seconds" but their time won't appear on the fastest time leaderboard.    Is that possible and could we vote on it as a community? If our community votes that the time should stand, I'll shut the fuck up about it and accept it. If we vote that the false times shouldn't stand, could you please remove the times from the leaderboard?   I don't want anyone punished or labelled a cheater here, I just want clean leaderboards. You have a clean and a dirty leaderboard, perhaps we could have the same for the fastest times?    I'm asking for a vote now because where injustice is concerned, I can destroy the fastest time by deleting trophy data and I can destroy the legit time of 6 days as well.  So either way I'm going to be number 1. I'd just much prefer being number 1 with a legit time posted and not one I had to fake just to be at the top.    If you're not interested in fastest times, this conversation and possible vote doesn't really concern you.  Your opinions and votes are welcomed. However, I'm not here to discuss the legitimacy of false times.  This thread is a call for a vote, that's all. Not the discussion of the legitimacy of subjectively false times. Maybe you disagree and if you do I hope you get a chance to stand by your disagreement in a vote.    I know there's a few speedrunners on the forums and I'm sure we'd all appreciate a clean fastest achiever leaderboard.    Would it be possible to set up a vote that would actually have a meaningful impact of the fastest achievers leaderboard?  It's your house Sly, so it's your rules.  I'd just appreciate the chance for our community to vote on it and to finally put this discussion to bed.
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