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Geralt: The Professional didn't pop! Glitched?

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I've just completed all 26 Contracts, didn't miss any. I have all contract related trophies as well, but the Geralt: The Professional trophy did not pop once I finished the last one.


I couldn't find anyone complaining about this glitch(?) on the internet recently and so I wonder if anybody else here has had this problem and how they fixed it.


If it matters, I'm still level 26, so two of the contracts were "red level" when I completed them, since one was level 33 and the other one 35, but I suppose that shouldn't be a problem because I have completed them anyways.


Has anybody had this happen as well? It'd be really disappointing if it just glitches, since I've gotten everything that is missable and just need to finish the game (currently playing on death march, on my first playthrough) and get the miscellaneous trophies.


EDIT: The last contract was in the Nilfgaardian Army Camp, I hadn't visited the place, so I never realised it could be there. Will Would delete the topic if I found a way to, sorry :S .

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I know this is an old topic, though i've gone through my completed quest list, copied a list of the 26 i need and gone through countless times removing each one from the list.

I still cant get the trophy to pop -.- and i've done this on 2 play through's and still cant get the damn trophy to pop..... I have done more than 26 even making sure to cover the ones I didn't have before I made the list. Going around every single board and accepting everything.


I have:




Strange Beast ( this is also the waylaid transport contract just named differently in game)

Missing Miners

Here comes the groom

The phantom of elderg

In the heart of the woods

Muire D'Yaeblen

Missing Son


Skellige's most wanted




The white lady

Deadly delights

Lord of the wood

Doors slamming shut

An elusive thief

The creature from oxenfurt forrest

The apiarian phantom

The oxenfurt drunk


White Orchid:


Devil by the well (I know this isn't needed for the trophy from a previous patch, but i got it anyway)




The mystery of the byways murders

Phantom of the trade route

Jenny o' the woods

Patrol gone missing

Woodland beast

Missing Brother


Swamp thing

Griffin from the highlands (Part of the main questline so I added it anyway)

Mysterious tracks

The merry widow


Ones in bold are ones thats needed.


I cant get the trophy to pop, I don't have any more contracts left other than the ones from B&W DLC, and all the boards aren't yellow any more as i made sure to get to every single one and accept it.


Would be awesome if someone could point out which one i'm missing because i cant find which one i'm needing and i'm just getting more frustrated the more I try to find out.

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