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Mirror's Edge Catalyst Dev Answers Questions on Multiplayer, Parkour, and Gadgets!


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Quote taken from Gamespot:



Faith's gadgets were touched upon, which revealed that, like Metroid, there are "some areas you won't be able to reach without them." Odeldahl said the open world "will open up for you as you play through the main story," but there are alternate paths you'll be able to explore.

The design director mentioned that his favorite part of the design was "getting rid of the first-person gunplay."




A couple questions were about the game's visuals. Odeldahl said that the inspiration for the in-game city came from "modern day cityscapes and [the] corporate dominance of our day-to-day lives." He also answered questions about similarities with the original game, saying the "downtown section" reminds him the most of the first Mirror's Edge.


You can check out the rest of his answers over on the EA UK Twitter account.Mirror's Edge Catalyst hits the PS4Xbox One, and PC on May 24.


I'm really worried about ME:C, this game is squashed between Titans in May. I really do hope it sells well for EA to continue the franchise. 


The game is shaping up well, I can't wait for it. I hope the gadgets aren't too intrusive on the free running mechanics. 





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