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Don't know what to buy.


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I haven't played any of those, but from what I've heard, Battlefield Hardline isn't that great and I see many people playing The Division (so obviously there has to be a fun/addicting factor). So if I were to vote from most favoured game to buy to least, I'd say;


1. The Division

2. Rainbow Six

3. Battlefield Hardline


Take my vote loosely though, because remember I haven't played any of them and can't give any personal opinions

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The Division was fun, but as Arabian_Glory already said it can get repetitive quick. There is a lot of content to keep you going for a while though and the platinum trophy for it was pretty easy in fact. I played the closed beta for Rainbow Six Siege and it was enjoyable, but keep in mind there is no campaign. There are a couple game modes and it's very hardcore for strategy, but that's all it really has to offer and I wouldn't say it's worth spending more than $30 or $40 dollars on for the lack of content. I also played the Beta for Battlefield Hardline and again it was enjoyable, but it didn't really feel as in depth or fleshed out as Battlefield 3 or 4. I wouldn't tell you what to get or not to, but I just want to give you the facts and let you make your own choice. 

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Siege has gone as low as 25 bucks in store here, Hardline is about the same, Division is the only one that will set you back more than whatever 30 AUD is worth in your country... since none of them grab me at all, I'd advise to follow your wallet.

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You only have 2 games on your list, so I have no clue what style of FPS you're searching for... online only?



Any COD (but why waste your cash on that trubbish)

Battlefield (too slow for my taste)


Far Cry 4 and Primal

Grand Theft Auto V

(releasing soon) Homefront: Revolution






...the internet is a wondrous place to search for what you want.

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What kind of shooters are you looking for? Your list all fall into the MP shooters. Do you prefer MP? Or do you want some SP too? Any budget in mind? Only PS4?


MP (competitive):

Overwatch (releases may 24th, or open beta on may 2nd if you preorder)

Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare


MP (coop) / SP:

Borderlands Handsome Collection (Rereleases)



Bioshock trilogy (rereleases) PS4 collection releases in november though, so it's quite the wait

Wolfenstein The new order / The old blood

Fallout 4

Far Cry 4 / Primal

Metro Last Light Redux (rerelease)


Not a big fan of BattleField/Call of Duty/Destiny/Destiny 2... I mean the Division) but if you like competitive/coop MP they might be good for you. But as others have already stated, the games you listed have their issues.


As for fun platinums, I'd stick with SP games, that way you're sure you don't have to do something insane in MP and you can just enjoy the experience.

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I've played all 3, and here is what I think:


1) Trophy wise, they all seem pretty easy, the hardest & longest would be Rainbow six siege (I have that), then Battlefield, then the division. 


The reason being, all the trophies (Excluding situation Which are like small story missions) are online for Rainbow six siege, so if you're not that good at playing PvP (Players vs. Player) then don't get it. 


Battlefield is pretty standard list, find all collectibles, finish the game on hardline difficulty (Hardest) and then few online one (Bit of boosting)


The division, most of the trophies just come with time, the rest can be boosted.


2) Fun factor: I've enjoyed playing all 3.


I borrowed Battlefield from a friend, so when I finished the campaign, and played a bit of online, I just gave it back.


I bough RS: Siege and loved it since the beginning, totally enjoyed every minute of it, except for the longest 3 trophies on terrorist hunt (A multiplayer mode against bots), once I finished it, and platinumed it, I sold it, so I could play other games, such as Farcry & Assassins creed.


Finally the division, currently playing it, and I enjoy it, although as mentioned above, it is slightly repetitive, I mean, u'll see it from the first thing you do, run in, kill everyone, collect loot, move on, etc...


So my opinion, if you're good with online, get RS: Siege, if you want a decent story, with a nice multiplayer, go for Battlefiled ... If you want something new, but kinda like borderlands loot system, then go for the division.

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Just as has been said before, Metro Redux was a good two games that I enjoyed while playing them for the platinum. If you are the kind of person who doesn't enjoy multiple playthroughs, those games would not be for you. The Battlefield 4 servers are still going strong and both the single-player and multi-player aspects of that game are strong. If multiplayer is your thing, the plants vs zombies series is fairly fun, but a bit of a grind to the PvZ: Garden Warfare platinum. Happy Hunting!

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