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7 KO's

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This trophy is pissing me off so bad! Some of the guides say 4 well placed hits will ko opponents. This is such a crock. Try about 8 or 9 well placed hits. So mad right now, and I haven't been frustrated at a game in forever. Whoever it was that said they got it first try is so full of it. I. Sure there will be about 20 "super pros" reply that all did it with their eyes closed.. uh huh. Had to vent

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It's actually not that hard when you unlock Sebulba Episode 1. In case you don't know you unlock him by completing tournament mode with Sebulba. Yes, it sounds stupid. His pod is maxed out right from the start so you don't have to upgrade it.

Once you unlock him don't start tournament mode as that will make your opponents stronger. Just go straight for single race or what it's called. Everyone will be very weak except for you so it will be pretty easy.

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