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Worth for ps3 and online ?


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Hey guys! I.m planning get this game in next few days! Its worth ? I saw many reviews, and are 50/50 . Watched some gameplays and i think its nice. And the multiplayer looks nice too!

My questions is: worth for history ? Online on PS3 is dead or have much players playing ??

Thank you, and good luck with your games  :)

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I finished the story yesterday and I enjoyed it. I only can tell about the story because I'm playing on PS4.

No idea for the ps3 version but I don't have issues to find multiplayer opponents.

If you can buy it for cheap, it's a decent game IMO.

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It is a very good game.


There are still enough people online for the online trophies on the ps3 version.


The game is like gta, but with hacking. It's quite a challenging game too (for me at least).

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I just platted this on PS3. There is definitely enough online activity to get the MP trophies. Hardest trophy online is Traced and you can boost that. Other difficult trophy is the Drinking Game one, but the patch made it much, much easier.

Great open world game with gunplay, driving and stealth. You will recognize aspects in this game from other Ubisoft titles like AC, Far Cry and Driver. I highly enjoyed it and will definitely get the next one in the series.

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I'm playing on my PS3 and I just got the Hackification trophy. There's still a lot of online activity in this game.

I'm enjoying multiplayer very much :D Wether you succeed or not, trying to hack another player is a very funny hide and seek game, gets tense sometimes.

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