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A faster method for 'Surrounded on all sides' trophy.


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I'm not sure if anyone else has posted a faster solution for this trophy but after fleeing for our lives in Onslaught mode, my friend and I began to do this after seeing how effective it appeared to be. I don't know if you guys already knew about it but just in case you didn't, I'll list the strategy we ended up using.


Pick the Rooftop stage. Upon sending about 30 to 60 enemies to your friend's map, you'll also send a Ubistvo, (I'm not sure if the other stages spawn him because I've only ever farmed on the Rooftop.) This is the annoying chainsaw guy that you meet during Ada and Jake's campaign. Have your friend also rack up maximum combos. For every few maximum combos that you rack up, you'll send another Ubistvo to your friend and as would he to you. I've had a maximum of about 5 after me before the timer ran out. You'll just need to run him/them through mobs of enemies and have him kill them for you while watching around you as enemies will spawn in your path and get you killed. The Rooftop stage is great for this method of farming as it is nothing but a big circle to run around minimizing your chances of getting cornered. You'll find yourself shooting and having to heal very little with this method. You'll only be killing a few enemies to save your combo from time to time but this guy will kill all of his friends in one hit, even the very annoying Napad. If done correctly and you survive until the counter runs down, both of you can average about or close enough to 300 kills per match. As I've said, I'm not sure if this was known here but if it wasn't, I hope that it will help make this trophy faster for some of you.

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