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Favorite & Hardest Colossi?


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Recently pulled this game out of the backlog to begin playing it (from 2013!) and wanted to reach out to the community to ask two questions:


Which colossi was your favorite to fight?


Which do you think was the most difficult?


I am only through 6 so far, but will update when I have a more accurate opinion.

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picking a favorite is pretty hard. i like so many. i think my favorite would be Dirge nr 10.

the hardest is Gaius nr 3. the hard time atack is insane for that one. u cant even beat that collosi how it is meant to be killed (by breaking his armor). u need to use the sword jump and u need to know how to perfect grip. otherwise its impossible.

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Avion and Quadratus was cool to fight, i dont like fighting gaius and phaedra. Barba,argus and phaedra are very hard in hard time attack but when you face and defeated gaius in hard time attack mode you could consider yourself as an expert, actually you should be an expert to do that.

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For years i would have said Avion (5) was my favourite. News of the remake made me pick it up off the shelf and I have to say Pelagia (12) is my new favourite. There's just something about that fight that I really enjoy, maybe it's how you have to manoeuvre the beast around the lake so you can get on to its underbelly. Also as sad as I feel killing some of these things, Pelagia's death animation is the best in the game.


The hardest, I'm doing hard time trial at the moment, and I've gotta say Barba (6) and Argus (15) are brutal.


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#15 was the hardest by far on HTA. Took me two and a half hours in total to defeat him but ended with 57 seconds left. #3 is a close second. Took me an hour to beat but had only 1.39 seconds left. #4 was a pain just because sometimes he would take too long to get in to position.


My favourite? Tough one, but will probably say #13. A thing of awe-induced wonder and a fantastic fight.

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Is this PS3 or PS4?


If PS3, then it's #3 and #15, no real need for any discussion about this I think. All but HTA is pretty easy IMO, but some few of the HTA, and especially #3 and #15 is what determines if you get the platinum or not.

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I don't mean to be that guy, but...




This took me an hour to do. I know it was the easiest, I know it's basically a tutorial introducing you to the concept of jumping on a Colossus and climbing up them, but I couldn't do it at all. Half the time I couldn't get the jump from the calf to the thigh. Then I never seemed to have enough stamina to get either of the weak points done, and the short time limit meant I'd fall off and have to start again. When I finally finished it I got lucky, I was on the arm and had enough time to jump off on to the ledge on his back and jump back across. The rest:


#2 - Took me two tries, because the first time I went to the wrong side to get the one on his shoulder. 

#3 - Took a couple of tries to get the sword jump done right, because I quickly realised there was pretty much no way I could control jumping onto his knee and up. Sometimes I got lucky and jumped straight to his chest rather than his waist. Once I knew what I had to do it all came together quite quickly. 

#4 - Beat first time

#5 - Beat first time

#6 - Took two serious tries, I had to figure out how to jump onto his hand rather than the bracelet round his wrist. I got lucky climbing from the beard to the shoulder, I struggled with that part when I wasn't doing the time attack. 

#7 - Beat first time. Didn't have to detach when it went underwater either, I got enough stabbing done.

#8 - Beat second time after the poison caught me out the first time. 

#9 - Beat second time after he missed the geyser on the first go. 

#10 - Beat second time. You need to wait before jumping on him after he's headbutted the wall, you get damaged if you do it too soon. 

#11 - Beat first time, somehow. There's a knack to how you have to face when you're on top so you can stab even when he's moving. He also damages really easily so you can afford to spend some time positioning yourself.

#12 - Beat first time

#13 - Beat first time

#14 - Beat second time because I got cheesed when climbing up the ladder-y bit at the end on my first try

#15 - Beat first time. It took me an hour to beat this thing, in a single attempt, when playing on hard normally. HTA, smashed it.

#16 - Beat first time


I was (and am) really surprised at how easy I ultimately found these on HTA. I kept putting the runs off because I thought it was going to be awful, but they all just fell right into place. I did 6 through 14 in the space of about two and a half hours. Maybe I just got lucky. 


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Hi gamers, I finally get the Platinum trophy of this amazing and lovin Game of Shadow of the Colossus to day by beating the #3 colossus Gaius un HTA in PS3 versión with that almost imposible 5:00 time limit with 34 seconds left.


Favorite #3 Gaius un HTA for the effort to beat him.


Hardest #3 for the almost imposible 5:00 minutes yo beat him and the precisión to every hit with rhe sword...

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Favourite was the one that flys around above the water. Number 5 I think.


Now this number I remember. 


The 3rd Colossus was the biggest arsehole. He caused me the most trouble by far.

I hate you No.3. You're now dead, sucked in.

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Well some 9 years later I finally got the Platinum for this game.


I would say that 15 on HTA was the hardest for me. I put the game down after that one and I still had #3 HTA to go to get the Plat. I finally came back to it yesterday to get it. One of my Covid backlog Plats that i just had to get!


I think I didn't plat this years ago because everyone was saying that #3 was the hardest. I just couldn't be bothered with the thought after struggling so much with #15. #3 wasn't that bad for me. I think it came down to seeing all the YouTube clips a few times and really understanding the strategy required. Ended up with the sword jump method which becomes quite easy / consistent with some practice. Then you just use the right shoulder to trigger the animations.


Favourite... probably #5.

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I hated Gaius (#3) on Hard Time Attack for the longest time. It was my last coloss before the PS3 Plat. Definitely the hardest, closely followed by #15.


After I had figured out its secret he became one of my favorites.

After the PS3 Plat I blasted through the PS4 version and I loved most of them.


Here is my top - worst list:

#3 Gaius - Sword guy (after I had beat HTA on PS3)

#2 Quadratus - I don’t know what it is but I love this one.
#13 Phalanx  - Baloon guy
#5 Avion - Two wings and a tail
#9 Basaran - upside down turtle

#7 Hydrus - Electro eel
#10 Dirge - Sandworm aka finger acrobatic

#4 Phaedra - Giraffe

#14 Cenobia - Pillar dog

#1 Valus - my first ever coloss
#6 Barba - Stalker with beard

#8 Kuromori - Colosseum lizard
#12 Pelagia - Water buffalo
#11 Celosia - Torch dog
#16 Malus - Final coloss

#15 Argus - Step up guy + Hard Time Attack nightmare #2


Top 5 hardest on my first playthrough (easiest to hardest)

#16 Malus

#13 Phalanx
#12 Pelagia
#10 Dirge

#15 Argus

Hard Time Attacks - I only can remember #15 and #3 were the hardest two.

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My favourite Colossus is #3, because I really enjoy all things medieval, and they literally refer to Gaius as "The Knight".


My hardest is the final Colossus. I'm not a very patient person, and so I died many times from the homing, instant-death, explosive knockdown bolts during the annoying no man's land sprint leading up to his stone skirt.


#15 on HTA was annoying, but I completed his trial with about 1:10 seconds left on the clock.


#3 was, obviously the biggest challenge, but I went for him before anything else among the Hard Time Attacks. I attempted it many times, but I had already played the PS2 version for years. I beat it without guides or Youtube help, by sheer practice. My Brother still can't believe I did it, because of the same reason as the 16th being my hardest to beat.


My strat involved manipulating Gaius' movements to drop his sword as soon as possible, climb onto it, use it like a catapult to reach his chest armour, from which I climbed to his head during his shaking animation, stabbed it until finished using the perfect grip where the physics don't affect you, and then timing things so that I could drop to his stomach as he lowered his head to shake again. From there, I used perfect grip to stab his stomach until finished, and then the tricep sigil was just a quick jump, and a couple stabs until dead.


I finished Gaius with 4.31 seconds on the clock.

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Gaius totally set my imagination on fire as a kid playing this on PS2, the way it towers over you, the spiral walkway and swim to find it. Honorable mentions to #5 and #13 purely because the idea of grabbing on to & taking down a flying Colossi is wonderfully excecuted.


I found #15 by far the hardest time trial, the way it moves while you're on it's chest sigil and the fact you have to wait around for it to do various things is just a pain, I never really looked forward to fighting this one on any of my playthroughs. The stomach on #3 is a close second for the hardest sigil but there is a cheeky spot top left of it where Wander seems unphased by any amount of shaking.

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My personal favourite is probably Avion, just looks so eerie as you approach it in the lake and a fun battle. I also like Phalanx, and can’t help feel sorry for Celosia every time I killed him. 

Gaius Or Argus are my most disliked just for being a pain in hard time attack. 

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