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Is it just me or 10 clothing items aren't showing up in the game? They appear "Unavailable" just like the Jiang Shi cap in the main game checklist, but I've already achieved 100%. I don't know where to find those, I hope I won't need to restart everything from scratch for the typical bugged bronze trophy...

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Mmh hello i have 94,6% (Sleeping Dogs  definitive edition PS4) and I can't find the Jiang Shi hat and a Ikoze sport watch  (i have 4/5 of that watches) ). I only miss the last random event but  I have done everything  else (races, story and side missions, collectibles...). Any Ideas? 

[Update 10/01/18] I got the Jiang Shi hat playing "Nightmare at North Point" dlc. Apparently you can get that ikoze watch only from a lock box but sometimes this buggy item doesn't appears. However I manage to get the 100% gold trophy so it's fine!

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