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Umm, Hallo?


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Hey every one, I am not so new to PSN, nor to this site (such as using the main feature and not the forums) but meh, glad to be here. I am fluent in English, and half of Al Behd. ("Final Fantasy X"). I am a YouTube Let's Player and I hate my PSN username. I am known by "MECHDRAGON777" everywhere except here. If I Let's Play a game for PS3, PS4, or Vita (I have a PS3 and PS4 only) where would I post it anyway?


Also, I tend to type in this color!

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Hey there! Welcome to the forums!


We have a thread here where you can post your Youtube channel - http://psnprofiles.com/forums/topic/26401-post-your-youtube/?hl=%2Bpost+%2Byour+%2Byoutube+%2Bchannel#entry633731


You can also put your channel link on your forum profile.

Is their a sub-forum that I can post LPs though? the embedded video it self...

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