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Man, It's been some time since I've been on trophy sites. Sold my PS3 (regretably) 5 long years ago, and here I am with a recently purchased PS4. It's funny to see that my posts and threads from 2011 are still active and alive. It's also just as nice to see PSN names of people that have been here (and on PS3 trophies) and are apparently a strong part of the community since i left. It's great to be back, honestly, and I can't wait to jump right back into this. I'll be around alot.


A whole bunch even.


Maybe even more than that, who knows?

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Thank you! Also no, not a chance. there are too many games I missed out on during the PS3 era, and If I get one now I will go broke trying to play them all. It's a rabbit hole I think I'm going to just leave behind, for the sake of my wallets well being.

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I'm hoping to upgrade to a PS4 soon... Though I am sure that the PS3 will still get some love!

Never say never though. PS3s and games are cheap, you could get a used ps3 and used games for 150-200 dollars and be set. I think the hardest part of getting a ps3 at this point would be having time for all its great games!

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