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Your thoughts on the trophies?

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The trophy list surfaced on Exophase. If I'm not wrong the list is identical to the one from Steam:
The game releases next Tuesday (19th April) on US PSN and has a 25% launch discount for PS+-members (I guess normal price will be $20, like on Steam):

AHOY! #Shantae and the #PiratesCurse is coming to @PlayStation 4 April 19th w/ 25% off for PS+ users! EU Coming Soon


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I'm interested in this game. Never played any Shantae games before, but I liked other WayForward games like Mighty Switch Force 1 + 2 and Ducktales Remastered. They generally do good platformers. :) I heard this game has a Metroidvania style? That'd be cool. :D

Anyway, trophies images look cool. :D The list seems overall easy, only bosses without damage and the "Achieve 100% completion in record time!" trophy could prove difficult.

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