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Couple of Questions


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How does the bracket works in DZ. Even though my Gear Score is under 161, it still pushed me into the 161+ bracket. Also, does prefix makes any difference to the gears, like for example, a SOCOM M1A and a First Wave M1A. Are there any differences to the stats that is uniquely tied to the prefix for the same weapon.


Thank you

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For those who are curious about the second point, I've gotten some insight on the prefix for similar gears. They DO affect the piece of gear in one way or another so it's important to find out and go after the exact prefix associated to your play-style. An example would be, a classic M1A, would have a significant higher damage roll range compared to a customized M1A. But in exchange for a higher damage roll, there is only 2 or 3 mod slot for the classic version of this weapon, as compared to customized version having all 5 mod options.


Hope this helps you as much as it helped me in finding the proper gear to cater to my play style.

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