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Any tips for hard mode.

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All I basically have to do is complete the game on hard mode, is there any tips I should follow because despite it having a 44% completion rate this game is ridiculously hard, it's truly pathetic how hard it is. I'm currently stuck on the flying woman boss and I can't seem to kill her. Sick of it. thankyou

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With her, make sure you upgrade your blades as you can pretty parry her attacks, and use magic on her as well. She's hella easy once you start to parry/counter her attacks. Also, be sure to upgrade Thera's Bane (the move that makes your blades be set on fire) as that leaves an explosive on her as well.

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Well, a couple of things to consider.

1) This is a problem. The game wasn't mean to be for big screens, so you'll find yourself many times in small places that look huge with a lot of enemies, being very hard to know where they are to evade their attacks. I just found one infuriating part close to the end, other than that, your best shot is roll and roll to figure out your next attack.

2. That's totally on you. Even when many people say that GOW is just smack one button endlessly, you need strategy in harder difficulties, do not try to upgrade all your powers, save orbs for the power you'll get when you beat that flying boss you're talking about. She gives you imo the best power of the whole franchise, that power is a beast.

About that flying boss, and other enemies, learn to parry/deflect attacks, you'll need it a lot, once you master it, the game will be easier.

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I found a couple battles to be tough, usually with the keres wraiths. You’ll want to get the timing down for parrying their grabs and ranged attack. Then you can counter with L1 + triangle while holding R1. There’s another battle with 3 lightning boulder guys and harpies. Try to leave a couple harpies alive then the boulder guys will spawn one at a time. Then near the end, there’s a battle with 2 armored cyclops and 4 wraiths. There’s a trick on this one, if you stand in the bottom left near a small pile of rocks, the enemies won’t attack you. From there, throw the lance repeatedly until all wraiths die. Then fight the cyclops normally one at a time.

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