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Showing spoilers in guides....

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New to the site and had a question about spoilers in the guides. I am using an iPad to browse the guides and can't figure out how to show spoilers when they are blacked out. I tried highliting the spoiler, but that does not seem to work. Thanks.


They're meant to display on mouseover (hovering your mouse over the black bar). I'm actually unsure how to display them with an iPad, I guess tapping them doesn't work or anything like that?  :hmm:


Edit: Apparently this is quite the issue with touchscreen devices most of the time when mouseover spoilers are used on the internet. You can highlight the spoiler bars and copy and paste it into your search bar or notes app or something and get it show up like that. Sorry about that, I wish there was a better solution for that!

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Tapping the black spoiler on my android phone while using Chrome revealed it. Are you using safari? If so, try Chrome and see if it works correctly. I know safari also has trouble with the new trophy cards so I'm guessing it's a problem with that.

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