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Questions about the bolt multiplier


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For challenge mode, when getting this trophy, is the max multiplier 99x? (Just an assumption, was curious if this was true) &also what are some strategies to getting this.. I'm in the process of going through the story again in challenge mode and typically the air crafts hit me &end my multiplier.

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It should also be mentioned that exiting out of the game doesn't reset the multiplier. A popular method is the part on Aridia where you are helping Skid McMarx is a good place to not only farm weapons, but get the bolt multiplier up as well. Just keep killing most of the sandsharks that he wants you to kill, only leaving maybe that raised area alone (if you do, you'll have maybe 12-15 left, which is a good padding so you don't accidentally advance the story),  and then quit out of the game, and hit "Continue" the menu to continue your game. With this, all 80+ sandsharks will have respawned, your multiplier will be intact, you'll be given more ammo, and you can just go about rekilling all of them again.


It's a good spot because they are incredibly easy to pick off from a distance (they won't go near the quick sand), and don't have any projectile enemies to annoy you alongside with them. It should only take 2 or 3 resets depending on how far along towards the x20 multiplier you were going into it, but, like said, it's also a fantastic way to level up weapons early in the challenge mode.

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There is another great spot on Rilgar, where enemies will infinitely respawn. In the city portion, there is a ledge that has a Gadgetron vendor and if you drop to the area below, you will fight a bunch of Amoeboids (and Extermibots on your first visit here, including a tank). If you come back to this spot, the Amoeboids will still be here and nothing else. Sit on the ledge, making sure not to drop down, and pick off the Amoeboids with ranged weapons, restocking at the vendor if needed.

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