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Tips for trophies "Herbal Remedy" and "Web of Defeat"

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Herbal Remedy:


For this trophy, you need to use a plant to return to life.

This trophy seems random and very luck based, but I got it with two blue waters. I had the KT-4 not upgraded. I used the two blue waters and waited for the third round to start. On the third round, I didn't water the plant at all. I shot the plant with a charged shot with the KT-4 and my character spoke something. I waited for the round the to end, and then I got the plant. It's a big green fruit. You need to press square on it and it will grow even bigger. After that, you just need to kill yourself and you should spawn inside the fruit.


UPDATE: Forgot to mention to shoot the plant every round after planting the seed.


Web of Defeat:


For this trophy, you need to destroy webs in every possible way in a single game, which are the following:

- Normal grenade

- Widow's wine grenade

- Tripmine

- KT-4

- Ray Gun

- XM-53

- Pressing square

- Pressing square with a bowie knife


UPDATE: People have gotten the trophy without using tripmine and/or Widow's Wine grenade.


Hope this helps anyone with these trophies.

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