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Grind kills

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The fastest way to grind kills is probably playing against a boosting partner or 2, and have them upgrade their worker.


Then walk over to their castle, preferably them having multiple controllers on, grab the Big Bomb from their upgraded worker machine and put it right next to all of them.  Making sure your partners characters are all bunched together.  At relatively the same speed you could use the Fire Mage to kill your boosting partners villagers.


If you are in a large online game though, just be the warrior you can typically get between 80 and 100 + kills each game, if you play say 3 games a night, you're done with that trophy in a week.


- Make sure to get your 50 character class specific kills, including as the Villager, check Twiddly Knobs and then Why I'm Awesome for your multiplayer statistics of Kills by class so you make sure you are over 50 for each type.


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