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Hello everyone, I am TG_MuffinMan but you can call me Muffin or by my legal name Matthew. I am currently a sophomore in high school pursuing a medical profession. I have been playing on PlayStation consoles my whole life having tried only the original Xbox. I am somewhat of a trophy hunter and a competitive player who likes to mess around a bit. I play most games and game types such as First-Person Shooter, Horror Survival, Action Adventure, Stealth Games, and so on. I normally play Rocket League, Battlefield 4, and Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 but I mix it up with Dragon Age: Inquisition (not on this account), Minecraft, Until Dawn, etc. I am the owner and founder of ELITE Kustomz, a graphic shop located in "The Studio" where you can request a graphic of any sort. I am apart of the gaming community Tactical Gaming as a senior member. If you ever want to play a game then leave a reply on here. Always looking for new players.

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