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Can I boost the trophy Traced with a friend?


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I need the only online trophy that requires me PS Plus, but I cant join, I enter my mother's data and it seems it does not work, although my country in PSN is USA. I'm lost :(

Can someone help me? What can I do?


Note:  This trophy requires Playstation Plus to complete. If you don't have Playstation Plus when you try to access this you can activate a 2-Day Trial. You don't have to win the race you only need to cross the finish line for this to count. Don't worry about taking out other drivers; just focus on completing the race as quickly as possible. This trophy only requires you to complete 10 races. You do NOT have to win the races, just make sure to cross the finish line before times runs out.


Source:  http://psnprofiles.com/guide/971-WATCH-DOGS-Trophy-Guide#Superhighway


I'm not sure if you're trying to sign up for PS+ or activate the trial.  I'm not sure if a credit card from a different country than your PSN account causes an issue or not.

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