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What kind of "dere" are you?


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Hm. I took quite a few dere tests a while back. All of them showed Kuudere (which is the closest to the truth).

And this one gave me Dandere (what?) for some reason... with these lacking questions it's no wonder though. Emotes have even refused to load.

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I swear this thread already exists, however I can't seem to find it

I think this test was in a status update a year ago... I remember it since the question about the emoticons didn't load to me last time... and again.. it didn't load again to me this time...


oh... same result... Dandere...

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detailed stuff about "dere"... errr. somehow it says NSFW...


dere dere means.. literally... like.. lovestruck or lovey dovey...basically it is like type of dere + "but is actually sweet/soft inside" (I guess except Yandere xD)


this pic basically explains what are the types of dere....



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