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Online MP coming later this year


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  • 4 months later...

Now add it to Amplitude :(

Not to be a downer, but i don't forsee this.


I wasn't exactly thinking we'd ever see Online for RB4 because all they complained about was cost but put stupid development into useless features like Brutal Mode/Freestyle Guitar Solos (both of which I rarely see people use.. freestyle solos are so awful sounding.)


I was happy when they announced it though, that's literally the only way I could score over a million points (well until I had a friend come over and do Jesus of Suburbia. She played guitar on medium and vocals on expert and i expert drummed it and we made it about 100,000 points above a million.) So i have the plat. Otherwise I'd never have gotten the one mil trophy, I had to get lucky on the 8x trophy. I played each instrument and filled the bars full and activated them at once. It took quite a bit of effort lol.

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