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Trophies - Question


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So I just crafted every "Synergy Sigil" avalable to make and yet the Trophy did not pop for me - I re loaded the game and did it again,

im 110% sure I crafted each one as my "Journal " lists me haveing all 12 as well as having the Components in my invintory

Or am I missing something?

This is the count I came up with  -- Lighting elemental and storm elemental seem to be the same thing Just named diffrently? *component says one thing the Unlock synergy says another* the + is how many i have

Undead Hulk        +
Ice Elemental      ++
Lighting Elemental
Pustulent Corps    +
Maw of the abyss   +
ice storm          ++
frostburn Vortex   +
Firery Golem       +
flaming Zombie   +
Meteor Storm       +
singularity        +
Supernova          ++
Storm elemental    ++

Am I missing somethihg

As well as -

For a mouthful Im unsure as to how many vortexes you need to do in one sitting, Ive done all 6 in one go, - but Do i re run them, Or do i re load the room and Start fresh

I know only 1 person has the 2 trophys i asked about (so far) but If anyone has any idea that would be great

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Yeah I was going thru steam and checking all kinds of other fourm as this game was Released 2 years ago (Buggy Port I find my self Crashing or Falling thru the map when I do the NGP+ portals

I did all 6 Vortexes in one sitting, and It gave me (challenge Accepted ) -

I'll Keep trying lol


Whats with this "New game +" Its bogus, All the mobs from Stage 1 to Finnal level have Easly  100k-200k Hp And suddently my spells are doing nothing

Example  Fire + corruption was netting me a good 24-30 k dmg, now im lucky to break 2k

also makes Sigil farming even more annoying - *sigh* Might have to just not beat the game on another toon and farm stages instead of end game *shrugs*
Since over killing seems just too much when the mobs have 5 times more HP then the damage you can do

It's like this game suddently became The Division

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  • 11 months later...

Yea. I put this game away. Thou might return i found out only 4 people worked on the port.


Looking at the %'s eather people gave up or this game was never patched aside from 1 patch that was suposed to fix frames. ( barely fixed frames and nothing eles from memory)


Idk if i wana put my self thru hell with the game again.


Hell loading 1st stage over n over again only to redo tutorials heh. Thou iirc stage 3 is great for sigil farming. 

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