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DRIVECLUB VR starts its engines


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So, despite the shuttering or Evolution Studios (we all heard about that, right?), the PlaySttion VR demo build of DRIVECLUB that had been spotted at trade shows and expos seems to have become a reality. 


DRIVECLUB VR was rated E for Everyone by the ESRB recently, so it looks like the tech demo was turned into something that will see a release. 




No details on an expected release date, but it might be a good bet that DRIVECLUB VR will be available at the PSVR's launch. Unless it's been passed to another developer, with Evolution Studios gone it may be that the game was pretty much completed by them before the doors closed.


Racing fans just got a very compelling reason to consider PSVR, in my humble opinion. 


@Mods - was unsure if this should be in "unreleased games" or under the DRIVECLUB sub-forum. I opted for the former, as it's a new release of the game to work on as yet unreleased hardware. 

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