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Gravure Paradise, tickets and owner cash

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So, I've nearly got the platinum, all I miss is "partner up 10 times" but that will come automatically eventually. But I have a problem achieving gravure paradise, it seems. I'm level 60-something and I just won 800K in roulette putting my cash well above 1M, but I see no secret ticket for sale whatsoever. I also can't win any more than this as my owner cash is capped at 1.5M just like the girls. Is there another condition that I am somehow missing?


Do the girls need a certain experience level? Do I need to finish a vacation with 1M+ to level up as owner somehow? It's not a big deal because I could just watch the videos on Youtube (or heavier stuff on the internet, let's not act as if DOAX is that arousing). Just curious if I somehow glitched and should just move on to other trophies once I have platinum or if there's anything left to actually play for (only beach volleyball at hard is a fun challenge at this point, the rest is either dead easy or frustrating).

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