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Things to do before starting Challenge Mode?


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I just finished the game in normal mode, but forgot to get the RYNO and the Map-o-matic. Should I continue with my ordinary game and collect those before starting challenge mode?


Read somewhere that everything you collect after beating the last boss doesn't carry over to challenge mode, so would I have to beat the boss again to keep RYNO and Map-o-matic in challenge mode? 


Or maybe just go ahead with challenge mode and collect all missing stuff before the last boss on that run?

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Continue with your game untill you collected every weapon, gold bolts and all other miscellaneous trophies before starting challenge mode.


And yes, you will have to beat the final boss again for everything to carry over. But considering you'll have the RYNO and have beaten the game already it will be a lot easier the second time.

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Im not ready jet with my "normal" run.

But before i finish this run I gonne lvl all my weapons to LVL 5 and get all the collectebles!

also all the trophies that you can have at the "normal" run

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