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May 31st, There Came An Echo


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This looks like it might be fun, it comes out May 31st. There Came An Echo is an RTS where you control a 4-man tactical squad in battle situations through voice commands. The voice commands are optional though, and you can modify them to your customized commands if you want. And it's got some of my favorite voice actors like Laura Bailey (Fiona), Ashly Burch (Tiny Tina), and Wil Wheaton (freakin Wesley Crusher).


Playing this if you have an accent should be interesting. Here's a guy with one trying to play it on PC:

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Just like Endwar, but smaller in focus and probably scale, with no multiplayer. Just a four person squad, no tanks and stuff, and there's going to be some sections where you need to resort to stealth. And it's closer to The Matrix and not Tom Clancy.

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