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Favorite God?


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So SMITE has released for the PS4 in Open Beta form. The majority of the game is patched closely to the PC and Xbox One versions. So far, who are your favorite gods and goddesses?


My favorite has always been Janus. With Bacchus and Thanatos being tied for a very close second.

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Why? Was she OP (Over Powered)? I've only played the XB version. 


Somewhat. Her biggest issue is that she had insane heal and could heal off of towers. So facing her 1v1 was damn near impossible. She could go in any lane and dominate. Somewhere on the Smite subreddit, someone made a list of all the nerfs she has received and she is still a top tier god.

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Anubis, Awilix, Neith, and Poseidon. I haven't played as all of them yet, but these are the ones I'm good as right now. I really want to learn to use Ah Muzen Cab because of that awesome Cthulhu skin, but I'm not very good as him.

Just remember to have your hives everywhere and that being aggressive with your ult isn't a bad thing if you can recover the stinger for that sweet CDR.

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ADC: Medusa

Jungler: Loki - probably one of the strongest gods in 1vs1

Tank: Kumbha - strong ult and high endurance

Solo: Sol - high and very fast burst damage

Mid: Chang'e - i would say she has the best ult in the game


I bought Bellona on release day and she was so damn op - she still is to a certain level - but i had many games like 37-18-0 with a simple adc build to that time. 

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