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Tips for a returning player?

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Returning to the game after 2.5 - 3 years, been busy with work and studies.


Played for a month back in 2013, in the Leviathan server I think, so I'm sure my online buddies are gone and guild disbaned.


Would like to start out in a new active server, preferably one that is active with South East Asian players, otherwise anything is fine.


Haven't gotten Heavensward yet, don't intend to unless it is really required to plat the game.


Also a crash course on what's new and happening would be nice.


Thanks in advance





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Tonberry JP is probably the best for South East Asian players that can speak English (not Japanese), has a huge English community since it's the non-official Australia and New Zealand server.  Plus you share the Data Center with other servers that are mainly Japanese players, so a bit of a superior experience in DF compared to NA/EU ones, since it works differently on JP servers.. I used to play on Titan JP.. mostly Japanese language server when I started (because it was better connection than the EU ones for me for a while, but the timezone differences sucked); DF is used for definite clears on JP data centers, not just figuring out the first couple of phases like it's used for NA/EU servers.


Heavensward isn't required to platinum the game.  But it can make things like Turn 5 much easier for you since you could do it unsync (you could alternatively just pay gil to some run sellers to do it for you.. some even do it free these days because of bonus poetics for the Anima weapon quests).


Overall, if you aren't intending to get Heavensward, a lot of the new stuff now doesn't matter to you.  The story was expanded past the main story in 2.0.. so you have extra stuff to do for "free".

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Considering you could maybe get Heavensward for £20 now; yes, it adds on about 60 hours of story (plus I've spent 1000+ hours in HW alone.. so compared to your usual DLC that you are maybe used to; yes it's super worth it imo).

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