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Sound Shapes via PS NOW


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I have purchased the full version of Sound Shapes with all DLC.

I have completed the game on PS4 and obtained the platinum and 100%.

I have used the cloud save to pop all the trophies on my PS Vita.


I don't have a PS3 - but I can play the PS3 version via PS NOW on PS4......



Will I be able to access all DLC by playing the PS NOW version?

And will the cloud save function work to pop all the trophies?


Anyone know the answer?



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You won't be able to access the DLC unless they've bundled it together on PS Now. All trophies (including the DLC ones) should auto-unlock once you retrieve your PS4 save data, though.


PS Now is only available on PS4, right?


It's also on PS Vita and other Sony devices like mobiles and TVs.

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You should be able to cross-save it.

SS does not work with actual saves, but save on the cloud and since PS Now is tied to your account same as the cloud save, it should be cross-savable.

You don't need DLCs if you already completed them once.

If you have Now anyway, you can try it. The first trophy is for clearing the campaign so it's not like it would stay on your account =D

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Cheers guys.

I'm nervous to try it because I don't want yet another unfinished game on my profile :-)

As I said, there is no auto-start trophy ;) So you can try to sync and if it does not work (and you don't want to repeat the pleasant Death Mode :awesome:) just hide the game and everything's okay =D

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  • 7 months later...


Having bought the Ultimate version from the EU store and already obtained the plat...

I initiated my free trial of PS NOW.....

Played Sound Shapes on PS NOW using my PS4 and......

All PS3 trophies auto-popped!!!!!


So for anyone else wondering the same, auto-popping on Sound Shapes via PS NOW, definitely does work!!!!!


Cheers guys.

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