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I got all the Voxophones, but the trophy didn't pop


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So I've played through Infinite a few times now, and over my play-throughs I've collected all of the Voxophones. Apparently I collected the last one in the past day or two, because I just looked at my list of Voxophones and I have all 80. But I don't have the trophy.


Yesterday I beat 1999 mode without using the Dollar Bill machines, and those trophies didn't pop. I looked it up, and it was because I was offline at the time, so I signed in and loaded up the final chapter and played through it again and got the trophies just fine.


I must've gotten the last Voxophone while my PS3 was offline, right? So I figured, if I make sure I'm online, maybe I can still get the trophy. I chapter-selected the Engineering Deck and skipped the Handyman combat, did the thing with Comstock, and got the two Voxophones in the rooms opposite each other, which are the last two Voxophones in the game. It didn't work. I even counted beforehand, I had 78/80 Voxophones, and picking up the last two while online still didn't pop the achievement.


How can I get the achievement to pop now? Do I have to play through the whole game and get each of the Voxophones again? Do I have to reset my Voxophone data because I screwed up and got the last one while offline? I really don't want to have to do that, so if anyone has anything that can help, please comment. Thank you!

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