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Can I download games from the PS Store in a PC?


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A new system update showed up when I tried to access the Store on my PS3, but since my controllers are not functioning properly I dont want to try installing the new version and end up with the same problem from last month (try to install->error-.try to install->error loop).


So what I wanna know: is there any way to download games/DLCs legimately bought with my PSN account using my PC and then transfer them to the PS3 (like using a flash drive)? Or should I buy a new PS3 that can access the Store without any problems?

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Kind of, you can't use a flash drive, but you can go to https://store.playstation.com/ and once you make a purchase, you can select the option in checkout to start downloading on your PS3 (I forgot if you have to enable that in settings on PS3 first or not). If you make the purchase on the PS Store on PC, you can then also go to your PSN account on PS3 and look at your download list and download it from there without having to go into the store.


Edit: Your PS3 needs to be connected to PSN to do all this, if the newest update is mandatory and you currently can't use PSN on the system version you're using, then it won't work.

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The only stuff you could "technically" download from PC is all the PSP-related content, like games, themes and DLC, from Media Go (no longer supported), in .PKG format.


There's still a way to grab that stuff, but again, only PSP-related content.

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