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Last Plaque restoration glitched me out of the platinum


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Sooo I am really pissed that this glitch happened to me, and after searching ALL over the internet to see if anyone has experienced anything similar to this (which  I HAVEN`T) I decided to write here about my misery!


I think there are 5 Plaques that need restoring in this buggy game, and to that you need an artifact called A LAMP, which is located somewhere up the stairs in the Pinewheel Industrial complex. And every time you perform act of restoration something that was previously broken or demolished, is returned in its original shape and form, mostly it is just a new path that you have opened for yourself in the game. ALSO (very important) after each restoration is finished, the game transports you in some RED ROOM, which reminds me of Twin Peaks, with couple of red sofas and a fire place, and you find a recording device and when you click on it you hear some dialogue between two persons. After this dialogue is complete game RETURNS you back where you were when you initiated this particular restoration!


My path through this game was Harbour > Industrial > Village > Brimcliff Mine. Since Mine is hidden I found it after checking the guide where it is. And LAST Plaque that I needed to restore (and get Restorer trophy) was there.


So I went there in the mine and found the place to perform last restoration, and when i did I got Restorer trophy! Oooh swell! BUT after this last restoration game placed me, again as every time so far, in that f*cking RED ROOM, and I am not able to leave it. I am just standing there, not being able to interact with anything, not able to press triangle and get to my CASE ROOM and to try to go from there back to MINE, because for the last trophy I need for my platinum, I need to cross that last restored bridge in Brimcliff Mines and get last of those KNOCKERS!!!!


After several tires, all of which ended in the same way, backing out of the game and reloading every out of three saves that I had, all of which are in the f*cking Mine - yeah that`s on me...I finally finished the game and got all of the rest of trophies apart the one for collecting all of knockers!


Now I will start a new game and go only for those knockers but if anyone knows should I go straight for that one in Mines which I missed or I need to collect all of them again? Also, maybe I should erase the game all of the saves, and download game again in order to avoid glitch repeating on my ass!?

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You'd have wanted to follow this guy's videos for the game if you didn't want any problems.


Yeah, I saw that guy`s videos but there is nowhere (in any guide) stated that you have to collect knockers, plaques or phones in specific order!


Also can anyone tell me, of ones who completed the game, what happened when you did your last plaque and were transported back to the RED ROOM, what did you there to progress your story?

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