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F or f 2 first?

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Well both are dependent on skills I guess and both have 2 deadly 10-star song plus you're new to the genre so you may have a hard time on the game.

I may suggest 'f' first since 'f 2nd' is a grind.

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F 2nd is a bit of a step up from F, but not huge. Also, to platinum both you barely have to play anything on the highest difficulty IIRC, or at least not every song. F 2nd was my first platinum and F was my 3rd. F felt so fast because theres a lot less to grind out, I was like "thats it? that was so fast". I also had no idea of the range of difficulty of platinums as F 2nd and R&C 1 were my only 2 plats at the time.
If you want to feel like your getting a fast and easy plat do F 2nd first, then F.
If you want to ease your way up/get more experience/practice  with the game for the harder/grindier one do F first then F 2nd. 

Edit: I saw its your first rhythm game. I've played rhythm games for years before playing project diva so your experience with the difficulty might be a lot different.

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