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Hey Everyone


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Hi folks, I'm pretty new here. I discovered this place when following some trophy guides on here, and figured I'd join and start posting. I decided to try out a year of premium. 

Some stuff about me. I love anime, currently watching JoJos Bizarre Adventure, World Trigger, Dragonball Super, and Twin Star Exorcists. Planning on also getting into Re:Zero

Music wise i love metal, electronic-metal and electronica. Pretty much anything with a good tempo and beat to it. I know a lot of obscure artists so feel free to ask me the bands i know. Huge Infected Mushroom fan.

As for gaming, i am into mainly JRPGS, horror-adventure games and racing. 


I am disabled due to severe chronic pain so some games have gotten difficult for me to play, but i don't let it stop me. Bad arthritis in my hands has affected my reaction times for many games to the point i can't play some anymore. Trust me when i say this, it sucks. 


Recently i just beat FF7 which motivated me to join this place, the guides here really helped me achieve my very first Platinum or 100% in any game to date. I plan on going after a few others in time. 


These days i am mainly a PS4 and PC gamer, feel free to ask for my Steam if you are interested. 


Looking into maybe getting Overwatch one of these days. 


I also do Geocaching with friends in my spare time when i need to get out of the house, provided the weather is good. 


I play Amplitude regularly, but can't see myself being able to beat Expert for a while. Love the game though.

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Welcome to the site, hope you enjoy it here.


Sorry to hear about your condition, I bet that sucks but it seems to me you don't let it get you down and stop you from doing what you love, which is awesome by the way. Nicely done on the Final Fantasy 7 platinum, saving that for one of my milestones as it was the second game I ever played so making it a special one.


Again, welcome to the site. Most are friendly round here so don't hesitate to ask for any help if required.

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Welcome to the site!

Very sorry to hear about your condition, but it's awesome that you don't let it stop you. Just remember not to push yourself too hard. And congrats on the FF7 plat! That's a great one for #1.


Pushing myself to hard is something i still do and end up regretting it, but I've managed to cut out a lot of the triggers and i can manage it well now lol. Appreciate the warm welcome folks. 

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